Moving Base location from Rover side using PX4


I have two DP0601 RTK modules and I plan on using them to land a fixed-wing UAV onto a moving platform. I am using one of the modules as a rover on the UAV and the other as the base on the platform. To allow my code to work, I need the location of the platform(base) on the UAV(rover) side.

I know that the base position is sent via the RTCM message to the rover to perform the corrections. Since I am using PX4, I plan to intersect the RTCM message in the gps driver module then extract the location of the base and publish it to my own uorb topic. Do you suggest I follow this method or is there a better alternative to get the base location?

Thank you for help.

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So I have done a bit of research and it seems that it is quite hard to get the RTCM data. I think that I should rather use the output of the rover module. According to Ublox’s ZED-F9P document( it says that I should consider the “UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED” message to get the relative position between the rover and base. It seems that I can access this message in the ubx.cpp file in the gps drivers folder in PX4.

My question now is if I load the appropriate txt files to the rover and base modules to put it into moving base mode then will PX4 still be able to get the position of the rover accurately in the world frame? By this I mean can I still use the “vehicle_local_position” uorb topic(output of EKF) to get the local states of the UAV?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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