MPL115A2 Barometer does not communicate


I need to help debug my drotek MPL115A2 module. I’m not able to read any data from it via Adafruit Arduino library (or others) with my Arduino nano. There are others sensors (e.g. SI7021) on the I2C bus and they are working properly. I’ve tried external pull-up resistors, internal, 3.3 and 5 V of power supply. I’ve SHDN pin wired to VDD to wake up the module permanently. When I connect sensor to the bus, communication is interrupted with other sensors too. Any idea what to try next?

Thank you


First, can you connect the sensor to your I2C bus alone, and then run the I2C scan code to see whether it is correctly connected to the bus. What do you get?


when I connect sensor to the I2C bus, output/code freezes and nothing happens. If I remove the sensor and put there any others, I will get their addresses.

It looks like it is a hardware issue. Can you plese open a ticket in so we can send you a new one? Thanks.

Done, thank you very much!