MPU6000 connect to Brushless Gimbal Controller v3


I’ve bought a MPU6000 and a Brushless Gimbal Controller v3. I’ve got problems with the controller finding the MPU.

I’ve connected the both like so:
MPU => Controller
5V => 5V

With Arduino I2C scanner I see the MPU on 0x69.

When I connect the MPU, and start the Brushless Gimbal Tool (BruGi_050_r207) I get no errors, but the settings of the controller are not received, it hangs. Also no information is received from the MPU. The I2C LED stays off, no green led.

When I disconnect the MPU, the Brushless Gimbal Tool says no MPU6050 found, and all settings are retrieved, but no sensor information (offcourse). The I2C LED blinks green.

My questions:
Is my wiring correct?
If so, wht isn’t the MPU working correctly?
Do i need other settings to the controller?

Hope someone can help me out, I’m stuck :slight_smile:


MPU6000? Are you sure you don’t have the MPU6050 as sensors?

For sure it’s a MPU6000. The breakout board says so, and the chip itself has the print MPU6000.

ok so you need MPU6050 sensor if you want to use any gimbal controller on the market!

Are you sure, as i’ve understood the MPU6000 is the same as the MPU6050 but with added SPI, and also has I2C. According to the dataspecs, the addresses of the sensors are the same for MPU6000 and MPU6050. I only think I need to “tell” the MPU6000 to default to I2C.

Yes but on the MPU6000 breakout board you have only SPI lines available!

Thanks for helping me. But it looks like the pins needed for I2C are on the breakbout board:

  • On the MPU6000 chip pin nr23 is SCL which lead to SCLK pin on the breakout board.
  • On the MPU6000 chip pin nr24 is SDIA which lead to SDI pin the breakout board. … 0_v1.0.pdf (page 7)

Also on the site it says the breakout board has I2C and SPI communication capabilities: … board.html

Yes it’s right but there are no pull-up resistors on the board.
I think you have to add them.

[quote=“drotek”]Yes it’s right but there are no pull-up resistors on the board.
I think you have to add them.[/quote]

Yes, added 4k7 pull up resistors, and now it works. Thanks a lot!

:slight_smile: you re welcome!