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MPU9250 OverFlow!

Hi all,

I am Emmanuel from France.
I use RTIMUlib. on a chines mpu9250 board without problem.
I just bought the drotek version and I have some overflow on magnetometer reading when I move the board on a 8 pattern (for calibration purpose) please look at that (this is a Serial.Println output=


after that ovf never go out…
if I dont move the board this never happen!

This is very strange because if I put my other chinese board, this never occur!

Anybody have an idea of what happen?? (I search long time on Internet…without success)

Hope somebody could help…

I don’t know that library, but you should check why is the overflow generated on software side :

  • is the mag register constant to its highest value?
  • is there some kind of hysteresis in the reading calculation?

We had a similar problem recently where MPU9k from different batches were behaving differently, and it turned out to be a software problem.

Otherwise if you are pretty sure it is a hardware problem we can replace your board of course.

In fact its the magnetometer raw value read by i2c who ovrrflow but not all axis, and not if you dont move the board!

After the overflowed it stay in this state until the reset (but the other axis who wasn’t overflow continue to work.

The problem is same software with another mpu9250, near exactly same schematik dont do that!

So what else?


Sorry for the late answer, if you want to exchange the board please open the ticket. We will run some tests on the board to check whether we see a problem or not.