MS5611 Connect SPI


I have this board: … board.html

But I have no idea how to connect it to my SPI pins, any diagrams or guides showing how to connect it to an SPI bus?


You have just to enable the solder bridge “SPI/I2C” on the SPI side. No need to enable the 2 others!

"…solder bridge…"
OK…so I would need to bridge the SPI side with the middle, is that correct?
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But I still don’t know which board pins correspond with which pins on my SPI bus? …are the following assumptions correct?
gnd -------------> ground
vdd -------------> Positive 3.3/5
csb -------------> SPI_CS (chip select)
sclk -------------> SPI_SCLK (clock)
sda_i -----------> SPI_MOSI (master out)
sdo -------------> SPI MISO (master in)

Thanks for the help

Yes it’s right for the bridge.

Your pins are correct. Beware you have to supply the board with 3.3v.

excellent, thank you for the help!!