MS5611 pullup value wrong


For a school project we decided to use the MS5611 breakout board in combination with the STM32Discovery M0 board using I2C.
It was possible to write to the MS5611 device but on a read we get a not acknowledge.
But when we connect a logic analyzer it magically worked again :open_mouth:
After some tinkering we looked at the PCB and found 10K pullup resistors, after replacing them with 4.7K pullups the problems where solved.
A different project group had exactly the same issues and replacing the resistors fixed it.

When I connected the PCB with the original resistors to an Arduino 3.3V there where no issues but using a STM32Discovery M0 or an LPCXpresso LPC1769 the issues where there again.
Perhaps an idea is to make the next batches with 4.7K pullup resistors?


I don’t understand because we have never problem with pull-up resistors on this board. The value of 10k is located on the datasheet of MS5611.