MS5611 soldering question I2C or SPI

I have bought an Drotek MS5611 board.
I understood that I have to solder a bridge to activate either I2C adress 0x76 or 0x77 as seen on the picture

Do I have to do the same indicated by the red spots on the picture to make the I2C working or what are the red spots telling me?

Thanks, Geab


I’ll answer this for you.

The top red spot is for SPI usage or for I2C usage. So if you are going to use I2C then you need to solder what you see in the picture.

The bottom red spot is to activate the pull-up resisters that are on the breakout board. If you are using pull-up resisters from another source then leave the red spot open.

Thanks Leo for clarifying

Regarding the pull up resistors: I am using the breakout board on a Jeenode v6 Board is directly connected to a port - I do not see anythig mentioned with pull up resistors on the jeenode so I guess I need to activate?

Enjoy the weekend. Geab

I would activate them on the MS5611 board.