NEO-M8N GPS + HMC5983 module

Hi, I’ve found you googling from Ublox site.

I am interested in the following module but it is not clear for me how to connect using a 3.3v or 5V Uart.

I downloaded the documents but they are not clear about it, specifically how the drotek board is customized to provide uart or spi connection for example.

The image of the board on the website shows that there are 6 thru holes named: TX-RX-SCL-BOR-GND-5V but when I download the specific datasheet it shows a molex connector for UART (I think) and a mini usb for usb connection.

I need to interface with a microcontroller so is there a schematic or sketch of the board so I can figure out how to interface with my board prior to acquiring one?

Thanks in advance


Can you give me the link of the GPS you have please?

Hi, thanks for your response.

This is the device I want to buy, I do not have it yet because I was wondering how to connect it to my current board.

The connection is quite simple , you have Tx and Rx for the Gps and SDA and SCL for the compass plus power supply GND and 5V.
So you’ll need a serial port and a I2C port on your microcontroller.

The mini Usb is only for Configuring or Updating the Gps with Ublox Ucenter, you do not really need it for normal operations.

Thanks lucmax for the answer. And the levels of the uart and sda/scl? 3.3v? 5v?

If I remember well 5 volts for the Gps and 3.3V for the I2C

Ok, I’ll check it when it comes to me. My microcontroller is a 3.3V one but adapting, if necessary , is quite simple.

Thanks again

Actually all logic levels are 3.3V on this board.