Neo-M8N Not receiving


I have 2 Neo-M8N receiver boards purchased through a well known auction site, the first one I bought works great, the second appears to have failed, I cannot get it to receive any satellite data at all. I have checked the setting between the two and both appear the same, the one difference between the 2 was I updated the firmware in the first and the second came with 3.01 already installed. I have tried the various resets that are available under the config menu and it still does not show any reception. The off-line and on-line augmentation does not make any difference. Any other ideas would be welcome, but to me it looks like it has failed, the one thing, it has only ever been powered and connected to a PC via USB.

By the way both boards are genuine Drotek.

No support or ideas for things I can try.


What version did you flash on the second device? Firmware depends on version, M8N, M8T or M8P are different. Could it be the wrong firmware?

The second unit has not had the firmware flashed by me, it was delivered with 3.01 already installed. I did change the configuration to receive Galileo, which worked fine for a short time.

The first unit is working great and as I said previously, I have compared the configuration and it does appear to be the same.

I think the easiest way to deal with this is that you return the module so we can check everything internally. If you agree, please open a ticket on