Neo-M8N stop working


My Neo-M8N-XL stops working without a reason.

Well, a little of context. We bought a Neo-M8N XL to test it in a prototype one month ago. Every was perfect, almost instant fix, nice precision and it saw a lot of sats. I used it about 1 week or 2 weeks ago, it works as expected and as we want.
But today I went to test another app with de GPS but the module it is not powering up. I tried with Pins, MicroUSB and with its cable but nothing is working. I checked the input voltage and it has 5v on the 5 pins but the PWR led stood off. In the PWR led I got 240 mV.

EDIT: I check the input to the module and I got 230 mV on VCC and GND. I guess a voltage regulator or something like this is dead.

Is there anything to do or my module is dead?

I found the problem. One of the resistors are burnt. The resistor is the once that is next to the MicroUSB.

On the resistor I saw only a 1. Is it mean that is a 1 ohm resistor? Can I bypass it or replace?