NEO-M8N vs NEO-M8T in Solo

I would like to upgrade navigation module in my 3DR Solo.
I don’t need RTK but my goal is to improve fix time and to be able to make use of Glonass and Galileo satellites.
Which one I should choose? What’s the benefit of NEO-M8T vs NEO-M8N? Are they available in a store?

The best choice for you is probably M8N. M8T has timing and raw data functionalities that you don’t need if you only want to improve fix time. They will be available in a few days as they are being manufactured this week.

I’m interested too, but before buy it i want to ask first if this module is plug’n’play, just release the stock gps and put into this one? or i have to upload drivers firmware inside your module?


M8N and M8T are plug and play, M8P needs a firmware update on Solo!

Kevin, I purchased the M8T for my Solo and it works great but it is not logging any raw files. Is there a setup that has to be done to do this. I specifically purchased this over the M8N so I could post process the data with CORS files.