NEO M8P for 3DR Solo

Suport Team

I have purchased a NEO N8P GPS receiver for my 3DR Solo.
I have installed it correctly and correctly installed the firmware.
On launch, I receive on average 19 GPS signals (all good).
However I am not sure if location accuracy is RTK standard.

I work on a mine site where our surveys use a Trimble base station.
Although I have tried connecting my Solo to the base station using Mission Planner and QGroundControl, both methods resulted in failure.
My main question is: Is it possible for the NEO N8P receiver to connect to a Trimble base station, or do I need to purchase a Drotek base station?


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This really depends on what differential data format your Trimble base station is using. M8P is designed for RTCM3, do you know what your base station is sending?

I have a RTK GPS (NEO-M8P) on my 3DR SOLO.

For my photogrammetry surveys, using a NEO-M8P to have RTK accuracy,
Question> Do I need only a XXL RTK GPS Base, or do I also need a XXL RTK GPS Rover.
My typical flight distance from a Base station is less than 1.5km.



Sorry for the late answer. Your RTK GPS on Solo already acts as a rover, so you only need to add a base, like the XXL RTK GPS Base for instance. Differential corrections will be forwarded as long as Sololink is up and running.

Hi, I’m very interested on NEO M8P for 3DR Solo.
But before buying it would like to know how it behaves if not connected to an RTK GPS base station?
When used on SOLO (with the standard SOLO/Tower App) does it behave normally like the NEO M8N?
With no risk of failure or flying problems?
Thank you!

No problem. It behaves like an m8n.

I’m not getting RTK connection using Mission Planner (v
I Have a 3DR Solo, with Drotek NEO M8P GPS for 3DR Solo
I also have a Drotek XXL RTK Base

I have updated my Solo firmware to Open Solo 3.0

I have also updated my firmware on my NEO 8MP GPS to HPG_1.40 using U-Center software v8.28
The downloaded firmware file for NEO M8P GPS - File -->
In unzip format, it contains contains 3 files.
and PDF Doc (with no useful information on method or procedure of firmware update).

As for my method using U-Center (v8.28),
In opening the Tools pull-down and clicking on Firmware Update,
I am presented with a window asking the Firmware Image
I assumed Firmware file - DO_EXT_301_HPG_140_ROVER.91bbd17d889e0fe40c2d823991595224.BIL is the file they want for NEO M8P GPS update?
However, the Window also asks for a Flash Information Structure (FIS) file / Flash Definition File (FDF).
FIS Format as .xml or FDF as .txt
In looking for such a FIS file, I read via forum that it is located within the u-center folder,
installed on the hard drive (program files (x86)/u-blox/u-center_V
In giving it a Go, it seemed to work - Green = Good.
In addition on same update page, I changed the baudrate of 38400 bits/sec,
as suggested by Drotek configuring documents.
Not sure if this was necessary, as default was set at original 9600 bits/sec.
Is this a good, bad or irrelevant move?

I am concerned that the missing file -> DO_EXT_301_HPG_140_REFERENCE.ab799cc302b64f28ba73b55dfa945a04.BIN remains hanging.
Is this BIL file used for update of the XXL RTK Base?
or, why is this other REFERENCE BIL file attached in the update ZIP file? - What is it used for?

As for not getting RTK Float or RTK Fix.
I have correctly connected and performed Initial setup of the Drotek XXL RTK Base in MP.
The BASE GPS is Valid indicated by green bar & multiple satellites detected.
Through RTK/GPS Inject page in MP, I used a survey coordinate position for the Survey-in method.
I have connected my Solo to MP via the UDP Client. The connection good (as test, I have written a mission into the Solo computer).

Although I proceed to the Flight Data page in Mission Planner,
I read that onboard GPS is connected (bottom right corner of screen) in white 'EFK Vibe GPS: 3D FIX,
But I see no RTK GPS connection (No GPS:rtk Float or no GPS:rtk Fixed)

I suspect there is no telemetry connection between my RTK Base and my RTK onboard GPS.
My question being: Do I need to synchronize the telemetry frequency on the MAVLink so the Base (XXL RTK GPS) is in communication with the on board RTK GPS (NEO M8P GPS)?
Or something else? Do I need to change the baudrate of 38400 bits/sec on my XXL GPS Base somehow?

Dear Kevin
I am interested in buying NEO M8P RTK and GPS XXL RTK base for 3DR SOLO, I have the following questions:
1- Is it compatible with pixhawk 2 cube black (original) from 3DR SOLO?
2- Is the GPS XXL RTK compatible with other rtk gps other than drotek?
3- Do you provide any installation guide for the corresponding firmware?

Thank you!

1- Is it compatible with pixhawk 2 cube black (original) from 3DR SOLO?
-> you can use our RTK GPS with any autopilot such as Pixhawk or Dropix.

2- Is the GPS XXL RTK compatible with other rtk gps other than drotek?
-> That should work with other M8P RTK.

3- Do you provide any installation guide for the corresponding firmware?