NEO-M8P RTK Latency

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What is the minimum latency (not rate) ?
Rate is characterised by the delay between two updates.
Latency is the time needed to know the new position of the rover.


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For a quick overview of NEO-M8P performances, I advise you to have a look at the corresponding u-blox product sheet (link below)

NEO-M8P Product Sheet


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I read this document; But the latency is not indicated.


RTK delay (latency) is the amount of time from when the RTCM / RAW message is sent from the Base station until Rover receives it.

If you use radio transmission method like Xbee or Lora, this delay is very small, only about 200ms -> 500ms.
You will see this delay is greater (1s -> 3s or even 7s-> 10s for poor quality network) when using the internet transmission method like NTRIP + Cellphone Bluetooth.

As required, RTK latency should be as small as possible and should not exceed 3s because RTK real-time needs calculations on the carrier phase at the time of calculation (as soon as the satellite signal is received), If the delay is too large, the calculations are still accurate but too old for the actual location.
We also integrate NTRIP in ESPrtk but the delay is only about 1s to 2s with the server located in the country.

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If by ‘latency’ you mean the delay between rover data acquisition and the effective moment where values are displayed on the screen, well in a telemetry configuration, it would depend on the data link speed chosen and the data packet size.

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“latency” means the delay between rover moving and the effective moment where values are displayed on the screen.