New Sirius F9P rover unit drawing >2A? miswired? defective?

recently received my Sirius F9P rover unit. Swapped it out for identical connections on a different gps that was wired identically (i.e. uart for gps, i2c for compass). The drotek is tripping my 2A smokestopper. What’s going on? How much power does this thing draw? Is there an internal problem?

I double-checked red wire to +5V, black wire to GND, it’s hard to mess up those two. Need some support. Thanks

more info: I took apart the case and I found that black is wired to “5V” and red is wired to “GND” as printed on the board. WTF guys? is the screenprinting on the board correct? did polarity really get flipped? good thing I connected it through a smokestopper first!
please advise, as this is not a good situation if you’re sending out units that are wired incorrectly, you’re going to fry people’s equipment

hopefully it didn’t fry the drotek unit to have reversed polarity. Also, I see that the entire plug is reversed; it’s exactly reversed order (assuming the screenprinting is correct). So, is the screenprinting correct?


Thank you for the post.
The colours of the cables are inversed in this case, but I can assure you that the pins marked on the printed board is correct and it’s pinout makes it directly compatible with the Pixhawk 3 PRO autopilot.
The polarities did not change except for the coloured wire representation.

Documentation of the SIRIUS Rover F9P pinouts:

Thank you for understanding.

The plug was wired wrong; fortunately I have spare GH1.25 housings and experience with building those plugs so I pulled all of the pins out of the plug in my image, reversed the order, and plugged it back it and now it works. So it was definitely sent out defective; also, it’s obvious that it wasn’t tested before being shipped to me, since it would clearly not have worked in that configuration. It might be a good idea to test these things before sending them out, considering the cost. However, all’s well that ends well–it seems that neither the sirius unit nor my FC were harmed by the incorrect wiring.

Definitely pass the message along to your assembly people to keep an eye on that–it is honestly an easy mistake to make (I’ve wired my share of plugs backwards) but it could be a costly one.


Thank you for your post. Sincere apologise in this matter.
The JST-GH 6 pins are irreversible connectors that are developed to connect directly into the Pixhawk 3 Pro for example.
I completely understand that the red wire represents the 5V and the black wire to GND as the norm worldwide. As you mentioned, I have informed the production department with this error per se, and it will be rectified in the future modules of the Sirius Rover F9P.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and assistance in this matter.