No GPS and Beeping (SOLO RTK GPS NEO-M8P)

I installed a NEO-M8P GPS receiver for my 3DR Solo and installed the firmware.
On launch, I was able to receive 12~15 GPS signals, however the Solo suddenly lost GPS signal in the middle of the air and switched to manual mode and drifted. But in a few seconds, it got back to GPS mode with 12~15 GPS satellites connecting. I attempted to fly several times with this NEO-M8P installed Solo and each time same situation happened.
Finally, yesterday my Solo completely lost GPS signal in the air and never got back to GPS mode. So I landed with manual mode and switched off and on again. Then solo was not able to received any GPS signal, it just make strange beeping like this.
Please, help me.


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So I restored the original Solo’s GPS module and conducted a factory reset. Then the beeping is gone and the Solo can receive 9 GPS.
I tried reinstall Solo RTK GPS Neo-M8P and installed the firmware again. but it still gets zero GPS and same beeping is produced.
I suspect a faulty GPS module.
Is there any method which check for defects?


Could you be able to send us a log of the faulty flight?

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If the module is faulty we will replace it.

Jongsun, check your GPS shield first. Best thing to do is to deploy the 3DR V2 shield sold on the 3DR webstore.
Otherwise pls ensure that there is about 1-2mm space between the stock copper shield and the gps board by putting a piece of cardboard or so in between and try again.

I tried factory reset and upgrade arducopter v2 firmware again.
As well as I did level calibration and compass calibration.
And I inserted a piece of cardboard between copper shield and circuit board.
Eventually, Solo started to get GPS up to 16.
I don’t know what caused the solo to receive the gps again.
However, it still lost GPS in the middle of air for few seconds.
I will tried with 3DR V2 Shield.
Thank you

Ok, please let us know.


I am using the Tiny RTK with Pixhawk, It uses the custom GCS and firmware
I too had similar issues wherein the GPS was loosing for few seconds and then getting restored which affects the RTK performance. I suspect it because the Rover module power cable is a bit broken.
Can I share the logs too ?
How can I download the logs from the Rover ?

You can use the standard Log Download procedure in QGC.