No GPS Fix with Dropix Pack


i have bought the dropix pack and today make the first test … But, i have no GPS fix.

What i have done:

  • install MissionPlaner
  • connect GPS to Dropix
  • connect USB to Dropix
  • install firmware (v 3.3)
  • connect MissionPlaner to Dropix => ok
  • not Sat’s, no GPS fix …

What can i do?

Thanks: - Reinhard -

Screenshot from terminal:

Connection to GPS is wrong. Will not be tested before delivery?


What GPS do you use? What version of the Dropix?
Are you sure of your connection?

Jerome, i’am use a brand new dropix pack (dropix v2 with your gps look at your shop). Order in last week …

Have you got a FTDI to test the GPS?

No, i have not a FTDI.

But, with Mission Planner need no FTDI, because MP can transfer gps messages / configure gps via network connection to U-Center (press <Ctrl+F> in MPs Flight Data screen, click “MAVSerial pass” and create a network connection in U-Center with tcp://localhost:500).

And what do to in U-Center?

I want to know if you can see some sats in U-center. You have to understand if the problem is the Dropix or the GPS.

No, i can’t see any sats in U-Center.

OK so maybe the GPS has a hardware problem.
Can you send us back the GPS please? We will test it to be sure.

Before i send back the gps, can YOU test this?

  • connect gps with dropix
  • flash the actual firmware
  • restart dropix
  • wait for sat connects and gps fix

Is all ok, save the gps config file and send it to me. I will do then a last test with the gps.

The default configuration of GPS works fine!
(9600 BAUD, 1Hz, UBLOX)

Please, send the gps config file from U-Center …

Please send a mail to for your request.