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No GPS Lock: Sirius RTK F9P Rover

I have bought the following items:

  1. Pixhawk 3 Pro
  2. Magnetometer RM3100
  3. Sirius RTK GNSS F9P Base
  4. Sirius RTK GNSS F9P Rover

After connected to Pixhawk 3 Pro. The Sirius RTK F9P rover does not have GPS lock. Could you please tell me why?

Also the Sirius RTK Base surveys in very slowly. At the beginning, it only got 2 satellites, and then 0, and 2, and then 0. It eventually got about 9 satellites with accuracy of 11m after 15 minutes. I tested it outside my house. This is far below the performance advitised. Could you please tell me why?

Finally, shall I connect the Magnetometer RM3100 to the Pixhawk Pro 3 through the I2C or SPI, or either is OK? Thanks.

The described behavior is not normal indeed.
Could you try checking the satellites number using u-center over USB ?

In the software please click on the “gear” icon in the top tools bar to revert back to default configuration, then open the ‘signal strength’ viewer.

If the issue is still there, this might be a hardware defect, thus I advise you to open a ticket for the RMA procedure. We will replace the unit by a new one.