NO RTCM3 message in Basestaion

Hi Drotek Team,
im using two Tiny RTK to build a RTK-System, and i set the M8P chip manually as following doc:Manual configuration of the base module
After Survey-in successfully finished, RTCM3 messages didn’t show as expect.
How can i solve this problem?

thx in advance!

What configuration do you have in PRT tab?

Hi Kevin,
this screenshot is made by u-center_v8.28 and recently i updated u-center to v8.29 for Base Station
the fix mode changed to TIME instead of 3D, but for the RTCM3 messages are still unreadable

In PRT configuration:
Target 1-UART
Protocol in 0+1+5-UBX+NMEA+RTCM3
Protocol out 0+1+5-UBX+NMEA+RTCM3
Baudrate 115200