No RTK Lock....where is the fault?

i try to get Tiny RTK running with integrated Stream data.(Encapsulating raw data in telemetry link )
So far i see that the base is sending data thru USB, but i don’t get a RTL Lock. Maybe someone got some hints what i did wrong ?

Thx !

changing Com Baud speed shows more or less information from the Tiny Base.

Thx for any advice !


Sorry for the late reply! By chance have you soldered the bridge on TinyRTK rover?

Hi Kevin,

yes the first job i did…was reading your wiki exactly and configured this
step by step. i have two sets tiny rover & base, both rover have a GPS 3D Fix within seconds…:slight_smile:
but somewhere the diff data is not transferred.

Mavlink protocol 1.0 or 2.0 setup in mission planner ?

Ok first thing I would try is to connect a serial converter to your Flight Controller on the GPS port and monitor whether or not differential data is arriving there. Can you do that?

so a CP2102 to USB…?

Yes for instance, that will definitely help to know if differential data makes its way to the FC.