No valid data from Compass 0

I’m facing a problem with the Pixhawk 3 Pro. I’m running Firmware V1.9.2. The GPS is the one from your Pixhaw 3 Pro Pack. The Calibration of the sensors works fine, in the Summary everything looks fine but if I try to arm, I get the message that there is no valid data from compass 0.
In the analysis IMU and IMU3 mag values are all zero. The only valid data comes from IMU2.

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Screenshot from the analysis:

We’ve powered the system now the first time via battery and got a new (second) problem:
If we connect first USB and after that the battery, the connection works fine.
If the System is powered first by battery and after boot connected via USB QGroundControll and MissionPlaner are unable to connect.
Even with the bare minimum components. We’ve already checked for ground loops.

Any ideas?

Hello Daniel,

It’s pretty difficult to find the problem without our bench test. You can open a ticket and send us back the Pixhawk please.