Noob questions about FC red with 10DOFIMU

Hello, i bought a MULTIWII FC red with 10dofimu…

Im have a question about barometer, quadcopter figure in multiwiiconf and front side of my flightcontroller

Why they are reversed??

i will explain it: i have calibrated barometer and im checking directions with a analog compass…
in theory front side of my red FC is the ADC side no?? but the quadcopter drawing front is in the opossite side relative to front of my board…

Another question is… why i ever have Z acc value in 512?? and ALT in negative value?

Why if i have connected the aux button in my FC and im seeing how it runs 0 or 1 in blue bar, when i switch on the white button on aux 1 in ACC it does not connect de ACC in green?(i have armed the motors)

When i have my FC in a leveled table what values are needed to be 0??

Can i log the internal values of the FC for look for some errors?


Can you show me a picture of your GUI and FC?
How do you calibrate the barometer?

Hello! sorry for delay :slight_smile:

Theorical front of FC is facing the screen

I have one video too…

If you see… pitch can not stay into 1500 and i can not center roll in 1500 is ever oscillating… some people told me that is a FC problem… is a very difficult to hover in acro mode and trim in tx sticks

Can i use Sticks combinations for calibrate of multiwii webpage?

Altitude (grey line) is oscillating every time, and Z value of ACC is ever in 512 after calibrate

For callibrating mag, i press cal_mag and i do 360 movements in each axis (pitch, yaw, roll)

Do you recommend anything to insulate sensors about motor magnetic fields and motor vibrations? im using aluminium frame.

I want to buy a LCD for debug, is this lcd compatible with your FC?

thx for help

All seems to be ok for me.
Altitude (grey line) is oscillating every time
-> everything is ok
and Z value of ACC is ever in 512 after calibrate
-> everything is ok

For decrease vibrations I use this … chouc.html.
The LCD of RCtimer works fine and we will sell them the next week.

But… what do you think about oscillations in pitch, roll, etc signals? you think is there any noise wich is doing interferences?

I have some problems with the motors… they change rpm can fast (you can see how props spin down and up faster and quadcopter oscillate)

The only form to get more aux channels is in ppm_sum in Tx no?

What modes can FC handle? for example: level mode…

Maybe you have some troubles with your receiver. You have oscillations with all channels?
You can use all aux with a serializer or satellite spektrum.


No, only with pitch and roll!

I have a question, in QUAD + MODE (NOT QUAD X MODE) What is the fron of the FC??


The front is the same in QUADX and QUAD+.