Paramétrage GPS

je vous ais acheté un module GPS Ublox NEO-M8N mais je ne comprend pas le câblage à effectuer pour connecter le FTDI , ok pour vcc grd Rx Tx mais CTS et RTS doivent ils être connectés ?
si vous pouviez également me dire où souder le pontage (3.3v ou 5v) sur le FTDI ?

Merci beaucoup et bravo pour la qualité de vos produits


Pas besoin d’utiliser le CTS et RTS. Vous pouvez activer le pont de soudure côté 3.3V.
Tenez moi au courant.

J’essaye des que possible et je vous dis ça

super ça fonctionne parfaitement
Merci beaucoup de votre aide

I bought the module GPS grotek but the problem with him waited for almost 2 hours but it didn’t work.changed the cable 4 times did not help. wrote to the seller about the problem but he advised me to apply to your!!!


The communication appears to be good, the GPS only shows no signal, but you are indoor, so that is normal I guess. Could try to do the same manipulation outdoor?

outdoors kept. the result is the same

Ok, can you show a screenshot of U-Center, View -> Messages View and then the GxGGA message?

hi, do you think this screen.

It’s weird because all the communication looks good but it is like you get no signal. One last thing, can you try updating U-Center, you are on version 8.16, that’s 5 or 6 six versions behind current one.

I checked for new versions 8.23 the result is the same.

Then I think that the easiest way to deal with it is that you send it back to us so we can repair/exchange it. Please open a ticket on our platform.

The ticket I opened,I will send. thank you

I sent the module on which he wrote and the tracking number I see that he has already come to you what do I do next ? will report on the result ?

Hi, Received the replacement module , it works as a good,but the lines of the satellite signal go with the interruption. I want to use the module on APM 2.6 controller. tell me which configuration file you can fill in your module for normal operation? thank you!

Please answer my question, really need your help

Have you tried without configuring the module by hand? The APM should configure the GPS automatically at startup.

Connecting to y center that interrupted the data transfer signal, the speed of 1000m/s 1 Hz or is this normal?

The autopilot is supposed to configure the GPS at each startup, but configuration is not written in non-volatile memory. So if you unplug it it comes back to default configuration, that is normal.

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