Pixhawk 3 Pro - Opto ESC (KDE), other wiring questions

Hey, I’m new to Pixhawk 3 pro but have built a number of projects with ‘original’ pixhawk. I’m using KDE EXF 55+ ESCs on this latest build and they are true opto-isolated esc’s, meaning I have to provide 5-6V power using the red line of the servo cable. This is easily accomplished with pixhawk; I simply connect a 5v BEC to the servo rail to power the + pins. Will this approach work for the Pixhawk 3 pro also? Does this require a zener diode?

Next, I’m using frsky X8R with Sport telemetry and I’m a bit confused about where I connect the telemetry cable, and if I need an adapter. Normally, I’d plug a frsky telemetry adapter cable into one of the telem ports. For Pixhawk 3 pro, I plan to use Telem 3/4 for frsky telemetry. Can I use my adapter cable (like the one from craft & theory) or is it not needed, like is the case for pixracer?

Thanks! Will

You can feed the servo rail with 5 or 6V without zener diode. That works fine.
The telemetry of the X8R receiver has to be connected to a serial port like Telem 3/4. There is a inverter component like Pixracer.