Pixhawk 3 Pro Specifications

I want to know specs about Pixhawk 3 Pro, but it doesn’t write in page.
Specs that I want to know are weight(grams), size(mm x mm x mm), power consumption(A@ or W).

You can find information here https://pixhawk.drotek.com/en/introduction.html#
The consumption is near 250mA.

Thank you.

Following this thread, I would like to know what are the specifications of the PIXHAWK PRO V3 about the environmental conditions: temperature range, pressure range, humidity, air density and if those have been object of specific tests. I am looking for applications in not fair weather. Thanks!

Find all information on Pixhawk 3 Pro on Drotek documentation (https://drotek.gitbook.io/pixhawk-3-pro/ ) and website (https://store.drotek.com/pixhawk-pro-autopilot)