Pixhawk 3 Pro Temperature calibration

We are experiencing trouble with our Pixhawk 3 Pro in the summer due to IMU overheating, where the IMUs fail when the internal temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. This happens when the ambient temperature is just 25C with additional heating from the sun.

Accelerometer fail has been observed consistently on multiple drones using PX4 1.10 firmware, caused by too high temperature.
Could someone verify if the IMUs used in this autopilot is calibrated for a given operating temperature?

Hi there,

It appears there were some kind of software issues in PX4 1.9.2 versions and earlier.

Like you are currently experiencing, we used to have some jumps around 50°C caused by the LIS3MDL compass sensor (cf pic below)

However, after investigating on this issue, we tried PX4 FW v1.10 and above on the same exact device, and the issue is gone. No more jumps at around 50°C after multiple tries :

Anyhow, at Drotek we performed everything we could to make sure the issue does not come from our design, by making some tests with and whithout the IMU - By heating up the whole PX3Pro and the IMU alone - By replacing the sensors with brand new ones - By redesigning the whole IMU PCB, etc…

Long story short, the temp issue was persistent until we upgraded to FW v1.10 Beta 4. I suggest you to give it a try on this latter one.


It is interesting that you observed that on previous versions of PX4, but as mentioned above we have used a newer version, FW 1.10.1, and still observe accelerometer and gyro failure. We can also try to perform a test with 1.10 beta 4.