Pixhawk 3 Pro Voltage outputs


We are creating a Modell for flight testing for our bachelor thesis.

My question is, can the Pixhawk power instruments and servos with different voltage requirements?

We have servo which require 6V and and IMU (inertia measurement unit) and a pitot tube that requires 12 volt. Currently it is planned to have 2 circuits with 2 different batteries, whereas 1 battery powers the engines and the Pixhawk and the other one the servos and the instruments. We would like to simplify that circuit.

Attached you will find our current circuit layout.

Thank you for your answers.!

Arbalète N20 - Circuit|450x500

The answer is yes.
You can combine them and use a single power source.
But you will face problems related to sudden voltage drop or interference caused by harmonics caused by ESC, etc…

Thank you for your answer.

By combining you mean have one single source input into the Pixhawk and then power the servos (6V) and the IMU and flight measurement controller (12V)?

And shouldnt the hall sensors prevent those voltage drops?

You can use a single power source for your entire system.
However, power dividers and voltage reducers must still be applied to suit each device.

Make sure the battery has a discharge current greater than the maximum current of the entire circuit.

When the batteries are about to be depleted and you increase the gas to the ESC, it will dramatically decrease the current to the central control circuitry and sensors. It also means that the voltage drop and harmonics become apparent, the consequences are very serious, the I2C, SPI, CAN, … communication fail and the CPU loses control.

That is why you must find ways to isolate and stabilize the voltage for the control units and sensors block when looking to share a single source with the ESC.