Pixhawk pro Battery monitor


When Pixhawk pro is powered up with the standard battery power module the blue light comes on, the battery voltage itself is 22.8V but no voltage reads in mission planner. The power module itself is working as voltage is being passed through to the pixhawk.

in mission planner settings we are unable to get any battery voltage or amperage readings, we have tried every setting variation but do not seem to be able to get a voltage reading. We have even changed the ribbon cable between the battery module and Pixhawk pro but this has not resolved the issue.

We have also tried QGroundcontrol and again are unable to get any sensor readings even though the module seems to be working as power is being passed to the pixhawk .

can someone please confirm the correct settings for Pixhawk pro power module in mission planner or Qgroundcontrol for the battery monitor or any means to test the data between them?

Any help would be appreciated