Pixraptor - Tiny RTK integration


I am using the Tiny RTK with the pixraptor (similar to Pixhawk) with custom firmware and custom GCS which supports RTK

In the case-

  1. Base needs to be connected to its telemetry and needs power. Could I power it by a USB cable connected to a computer?


  1. I suppose I could follow the instructions given here http://px4.io/docs/rtk-gps/ ?
  2. QGroundControl doesn’t support GPS injection ?



Hardware :

  1. Yes, but take into account how much power your telemetry will draw, USB ports provide 500mA maximum usually.

Software :

  1. Yes, if your custom GCS supports it. In that case, no need for an additional telemetry, differential data can be encapsulated inside your existing MAVlink.
  2. QGroundControl supports GPS injection for M8P chip only (it does not offer the ability to send whatever you want to GPS serial port)

Hi kevin

Could you kindly illustrate how the connections are made

As I am using the pixhawk clone with custom firmware and custom GCS , do I still need to configure the base and rover as mentioned in https://drotek.com/en/tiny-rtk-documentation/ or could i directly proceed with the steps mentioned in http://px4.io/docs/rtk-gps/

In the latter , how will it configure the rover and the base ?\