Power Management Unit PRO


I have some questions regarding PMU PRO.
What is max current (A) for:

  • One 5V independent auxiliary output?
  • One 12V independent auxiliary output?
  • Power1 / Power 2 5V output?

In text presentation text is stated:
"providing two 5V power supplies or a redundant one for your autopilot"
Does that mean that two 5V power supplies for redundant power to Autopilot (Power1 / Power 2) and on other side aux 5v /aux 12v are completely independent or not?

Thank you.


That means the PUM has 4 independent power supplies. 2 of them are used for the alimentation of the Pixhawk (Brick 1 and brick 2) and the others for auxiliary outputs. I hope it’s more clear. :slight_smile:

Hi Jarome,

Yes, that is more clear. I already bought some.

But I really need info that i could not find in specs/documentation, what is the max. output current (Amps) on these 4 independent power supplies (for each one, but primarily for 5V aux and 12V aux).
For powering vtx, gimbal, osd, camera power, leds and maybe servos…
Is that 1, 2, 3 or… Amps per power port?

Thank you.

Thank you,
now I find out what I need in shop with updated product info :slight_smile: :

Output voltage: 3x 5V + 1x 12V (3.5A max/output)
Current sensing sensibility : 26.66 mV/A (or 37.51 A/V)
Voltage sensing sensibility ratio : 15.9

Are these settings and this product also working/compatible for Pixhawk 2.1 with Mission Planner?
I tried, voltage is slightly off.
Is MP Voltage divider (Calced) value of 15.9 “exact” or “around” and can be manually adjusted?
Current sensing sensibility (in MP Ampers per volt), 37.51 A/V value is way different. Maybe BATT_AMP_OFFSET” parameter could help?
Like provided for this current sensor: https://drotek.com/en/section/voltage-current-sensor-board/

Thank you.

Have 4 PMU PROs…
Really want it to work with Ardupilot and MP.
BATT_VOLT_MULT,15,9 value is OK.
BATT_AMP_PERVLT, 37,51 value very wrong.
Is there a value for BATT_AMP_OFFSET?

Drotek, please help users and provide settings like this (for example) for Power Management Unit PRO

Hi Bostjan,
I purchased about 3 years ago the Power Management Unit Pro and have tried to get some information from Drotek how access actual battery voltage/current for both batteries using Ardupilot/Mission Planner. I went as well through the MP forum in order to eventually find someone able to create this unit as a standard, but no luck so far. Another problem as well is the drop-down menus in MP are different for battery 1 and 2. Just a few days ago I contacted Drotek again. Their reply is always the same - ‘we are not using Ardupilot/MP, only PX4/QGroundControl’. I’m honestly very frustrated with Drotek, because it should be my choice which software I’m going to use. Have you had any luck since your last post to get any information on how to access the battery values? I would very much appreciate any help!