Power module not working

Greetings. I am planning on buying dropix bundle. Can you please tell me what is the latest version of the hardware and do you plan to release something new similar to dropix in the near future, since I saw that you have some news in coming week or two. So if it is a new hardware i would hold on my purchase :slight_smile:

Don’t worry we not will release a new version of the Dropix!

Thank you :slight_smile: I purchased full set, power module, GPS etc. Can you please tell me what firmware is in gps xl unit? And if you have any advice on setting parameters in ublox center that would be nice :slight_smile:

No need to configure the GPS because the Dropix will do it at each boot.

The u-blox GPSs can be configured with the software u-center (https://www.u-blox.com/en/product/u-center-windows).

Some simple parameters that can be worth considering are the dynamic model and the fix mode. (see https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/u-blox8-M8_ReceiverDescrProtSpec_(UBX-13003221)_Public.pdf pages 17 and 165).

To sum up, the dynamic model concerns the kind of vehicle and movement you will be concerned by (stationary, pedestrian, automotive, etc.) For instance, the stationary model fits perfectly an immobile project. Consider it according to the speed of your vehicle.

The fix mode deals with 3D or 2D calculations : the Auto 2D/3D seems to be reasonable but it’s worth reflecting on the parameter.

I’m quite surprised Dropix resets parameters at boot, I’ll check that as soon as possible.

I hope it helped.


EDIT : My configuration has not been resetted by the Dropix (my dynamic model remained the same). However, I use a customized version of Ardurover’s FW.

Ok, the board arrived, looking really really good. But still waiting for gps and power module in separate shipment. I have one question, as you can see attached in the image there is a small solder between 2 STM pads. Is that normal or?

Yes it’s normal. If you take a look at the schematics you will see these 2 pads are internally connected. :slight_smile: Don’t worry!

Do you maybe have instalation manual for power module pro? Not sure what wires go where regarding the current sensor :confused:

You can find information on the Docs on our site.

Trying to find something useful, but I only need info for the current sensor. So the wire from the small pad on the main pdb goes to I sens pad on the 5/12V pdb? just one wire… And also the cover that goes on top of power module pro has a small pad marked ground. Where does that go?

voltage reads ok, current not so ok :slight_smile: any ideas? This is the reading while being disarmed. Also arming it gives the same reading and giving full throttle also. the reading jumps between 30 to 40A.

Ok so no matter what I do, the power module always outputs 0,62 to 0,90 volts on the current pin, and there is now way to adjust it. I think it is broken, the voltage reads out ok, but the current is completely off the sport. Fluctuatin between 20A and 40A no matter being armed disarmed flying or just sitting on the bench. And the problem is it is stuck inside the drone, soldered and everything. Is there a way I can test it and request a replacement maybe? Thank you


Can you send a screenshot of your power module configuration in Mission Planner? Have you set both the ‘Amps per volts’ and ‘Offset’ settings?

I have set the voltage divider and amps per volt as per settings on the manual of the power module pro. But there is nothing there about the offset. I was measuring the output of the current pin and it is always giving 0.62 to 0.9 volts no matter what the usage is. Also, I asked about the top cover of the power module pro, it has only one solder pad marked ground. Should that be connected or is it not so important for measurement? I will send the screenshot later afternoon

Sorry we have to update the documentation there. There is an additional setting corresponding to the output of the sensor whenever there is no current flowing. The sensor will still output a voltage that needs to be “brought down to zero”. This can be set in Full Parameter List with BATT_AMP_OFFSET, please use 0.4 value.