Powering F9P with LiPo

I have a project which I’d like to power with one LiPo cell (3.7V-4.2V depending on the charge level). I was wondering if I could power Sirius RTK GNSS Rover F9P directly from the LiPo through 5V IN?

It’s clearly below the rated 5.0V but could work if 5V IN is just regulated down to 3.3V for everything in the module. Or is there something in the module which needs 5.0V? The module would be further connected to uC with 3.3V I/O (5.0V tolerant) so UART1 TX/RX communication should be ok.


The Sirius base strictly requires a 5V to be supplied either via the USB ports and UART serial ports (The USB and UART ports are interlinked with 5V routing).
As you mentioned, the 5V is regulated to 3.3V to supply all the other components in the module. You may attempt at your own risk to power the GPS module with your methodology. However, we do not recommend to directly power the Sirius Rover with LiPo as it could possibly damage the GNSS module. Usually, it is connected with a protection circuit or a voltage & current & power supply regulator to avoid any malfunction to the module.

Input voltage value : -0.3V to 6V

I hope this clarifies your query. Thank you.