Powering telemetry radio over USB

I’ve just bought a Tiny RTK module, and was trying to connect a telemetry radio to the base station.

I’ll be using a portable USB power supply to power both the GPS and radio, and i noticed that the VBUS from the USB is connected straight through to the telemetry 5v output, through a filter and the fuse, as shown in this thread.

What value is the fuse on the GPS? My telemetry radio will draw about 400mA, and I don’t want to pop the fuse.

Thanks in advance!

The fuse is a resettable fuse that will never trip under 100 mA, but always over 250 mA, so it might not suit your application. If you are confident with what you do and have soldering skills you can always remove it!

Thanks Kevin,
Looks like i’ll have to route the power externally