Powering the RTK units

We have bought a Tiny RTK and the XL RTK board and after playing around for awhile we got it running with some pretty good position lock.

Until now powering the devices were simple by just using the USB ports. Now before going further I just wanted to check a few things and would appreciate if you could help me with these questions:


  • The diagrams show Rover port as “5V_IN” and the Telem port as “5V_OUT”, would the module be damaged if 5V was applied to the Telem port?

  • Maybe related to the first question, is it possible to have both the USB cable plugged in (powering the device) and a 5V supply on the Rover port?

  • Is the “5V_IN” on the I2C bus for the compass connected to the “5V_IN” on the Rover port or does it need to be powered separately?

Maybe a diagram can quickly answer these questions.

Thanks for your time!


That’s good to know! To answer your questions :

  • this is the power schematic :

As you can see the difference between both 5V is that one is filtered and the other isn’t. So it would work to supply power from TELEM port but voltage wouldn’t be filtered so it not recommended.

  • As there is no reverse diode, it is not recommended to plug both USB and 5V supply on rover, as current can flow in opposite direction.

  • Compass is powered with 3.3V regulator from 5V supply so it does not need to be powered separately

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the diagram and explanations, makes all sense now.

Out of curiosity what is connected to the TX and RX pins on the I2C side of the board?