Problem SPI MS5611


I recently bought a MS5611 in order to built up a variometer. I address it via SPI with an MSP430G2553 (3.6 V) microcontroller from Texas Instruments. Unfortunately, I only receive a constant logic heigh value at the SDO pin of the MS5611 board, regradless of the command byte I send.

So far, I have set the I2C/SPI jumper to ground (SPI configuration) and also checked with an oscilloscope that the SPI commands are correctly generated by my microcontroller. Furthermore, I verified that there is no shortcut between SDO and VCC and I also used a pull down for the chip select. The SPI clock is running at 4 MHz and I tried both, SPI_MODE0 and SPI_MODE3, for the polarity and the phase of the clock.

The SDO pin allways returns logic high (3.6 V in my case), even when I only power the device by solding only the GND and VDD pins while leaving the rest disconnected.

Since this is a quite weired result, I hope some of you can help me to find the way out and have the variometer ready before spring starts .

Thanks and kind regards :wink: ,


Hi Pau,

Your problem seems strange, the MS board is not faulty usually.
I invite you to ensure if your board is correctly powered, wired (another time).

And for finish if your problem persists, send back your board to Drotek.