Problem with 10DOF MPU6050

i just received my new Imu, but it seems like it is dead.

I’m using an Arduino Mega 2560.
The I2c Scanner finds no device at the I2c Bus.
I even tried a Software I2c Library ( … brary.html) at other Digital Pins, but there is no sign of life too.

I connected the SDA to SDA and the SCL to SCL, 5V to 5V and GND to GND.

What else can I do to test IMU or to make sure my board isn’t damaged? ( I think i can except my board is damaged, because I tested I2c at other pins).

Are the IMUs tested before shipping?

best regards


Yes all boards are tested before shipping. Have you disabled the pull-up on the code?
Are you sure your arduino works well?
We can send us back the IMU and we test it.
Have a good week-end.

the pull ups are disabled.
I will test the I2c functionality of my Board next week, but currently I’m waiting for an other shipment with an I2c GPS, so that I can’t test it right now.
The PWM functionality of my board is okay and analog sensors work as well too,


I just tested my Arduino Board with a lent MPU 6050 from a friend,
The I2c Scanner finds the Sensor immediate, so I’m sure the IMU is dead.
I will send it back in the next days.


ok. I let you know!
See you.