Problem with M8N XXL + HMC5983 ; orientation Pixhawk

as stated in the topic i ran into some sort of problem with the M8N XXL mounted on an Tarot x4 with a Pixhawk 1.
After compass calibration with “Rotation none” the board messages constantly compass variance.
So i guess i need to know the Orientation Settings for the compass.
Searched in the forum and in the docs but can’t find anything so far

Another thing is, that the compass orientation is constantly moving. I mean the yaw is constantly changing its value though the copter is standing fixed on the ground and there are noch changes in current or something


M8N XXL has its compass on the top, so orientation should be ROTATION_ROLL_180 for the external compass. The estimator is constantly fusing internal and external compasses, and as their outputs are contradictory, yaw estimation is constantly moving.

As soon as you set up the correct orientation and calibrate you should have correct readings.

Thanks a lot. Works fine by now