Probleme avec PA6C GPS + LLC

Pardon mon francais si il est pas tres bon :slight_smile:

J’ai un copter avec un Crius AIO Pro v1.1 et le GPS Drotek PA6C GPS + LLC.

Jai le problem qui la LED Bleu du GPS clignote ( et cest bon ) MAIS la LED jaune sur le CRIUS ne s’allume jamais jaune ( trouve’ des Satellites )

Maintenant je veux savoir, si il faut allumer le GPS ?

Sur MultiwiiConf le GPS est vert !
Et jais mis le GPS Home sur Aux 2 et le GPS Hold sur le 3 !
Mais sa marche pas.

Merci pour la aide


I hope my English is not so good…

First, I’ll try to explain how multiwii is working…
In the GUI:
If “GPS fix” si red and magneto’s gauge is grey, there is no GPS found by the board
if “GPS fix” is red and magento’s gauge blinking, GPS is found, but not ready to run (maybe less than 5 sat or bad serial data)
if “GPS fix” is green and magneto’s gauge blinking, GPS is found and it’s in good condition (5 or more stats)

If all is ok, you may find your GPS position in the GUI’s right botom

If you don’t have GPS coordinate in the right botom corner there is a mistake somewere…

Double-check your config.h
You must have:
-Right baudrate for your GPS (by default 57600 or 115200)
-Right Serial port (by defaut it’s SERIAL2 if you plug your GPS in another Serial port, try to change #define GPS_SERIAL 2 to #define GPS_SERIAL 1 for exemple)
-Right Protocol… PA6C work with NMEA so check that you choose “#define NMEA”
-Don’t forget to check if you had cross RX and TX wire between GPS and board

Upload your multiwii into board and check again…

GPS will works only if you had coordinate on GUI…