Problems with IMU 10DOF and IMU 6DOF

I bought two IMU’s:

  • IMU 6DOF: ITG3200 and BMA180 and
  • IMU 10 DOF: ITG3200, BMA180, HMC5883 and MS5611

I am working with a mbed LPC1768 microcontroller. When using exactly the same code to adquire data from the ITG3200 and BMA180, IMU 6DOF works but IMU 10DOF doesn’t. Anyone knows why?

I am applying 3.3 V to both IMU’s.
For some reason I applyed 5 V to IMU 10DOF to see what happened. Is it possible that I burnt the IMU?


Don’t apply 5V on the IMU if you don’t want to burn it! Maybe components are dead.