Problems with the MPU6050 10DOF I2Cdevlib

Hi Drotek,
I bought your 10DOF with the MPU6050, but I got a lots of problems. Is that device comptible with the I2Cdevlib, because I want to use the DMP?( I find the adress of the device (0x69) with the I2CScanner function, but I can’t initialize the device with the I2Cdevlib. I don’t use any pull ups and connected 5V, SCA, SCL and GND.

Thank you!

Hi, for me it’s the same. I’ve bought 2 IMU 10dof v2 and for both, with i2c scanner, I can find only addresses 0x69 and 0x77 and I can only use the barometer, I can’t initialize the mpu nor the compass
Why this?

Best regards

It’s good with your I2C scanner because you have found the MPU6050 and the MS5611. You can’t communicate directly with the magnetometer because it is plugged on the Aux I2C bus of MPU6050 and not on the main bus.
Can you test with the Mutiwii code please? You have just to enable the good line in the config.h file to activate our IMU.
Let me know.

Hello guys,

Ive found the solution reading more in this excellent forum.
Ive changed the value SW_DEFAULT_pdfFont from Helvetica to LiberationSans-Regular and now it is working fine, the HTML and PDF.

I supose the Helvetica type of letter do not support the UTF-8