Question about Tiny RTK as gps for my fixwing

Hello Drotek,

I have this 1 unit of Tiny RTK GPS that I want to use as my main gps for my fixwing.

I’ve also configured it as a rover module manually according to drotek’s documentation.

After that, I connected the GPS module to my flight controller and setting up the parameters (baud rate and such). I’m using Pixhawk 1 flight controller.

The module powered up and has blue light on it but unfortunately there was no GPS detected on Mission Planner screen.


So is there any way to make the flight controller to detect the GPS module? Am I doing something wrong with it? I’ve read on a forum about soldering the bridge but is it also applicable on what I want to do? Will soldering the bridge fix this problem? Any help appreciated. Thank you very much.


Can you test the Tiny RTK module with u-center to verify the issue?
Normally, if you can power the board, the satellites will be detected instantly.
Later, you can use the solder bridge on the Tiny module to activate the rover or telem mode.
Thank you.

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I’ve connected the module with u-center and let it run for a while. This is the screenshot from the u-center.

This mean the Tiny RTK module is working am I right?


I’ve soldered the bridge and finally the FC is able to detect the GPS module.

Mission Planner showing 3D Fix status

Seems like the problem is solved by soldering the bridge.

That’s perfect. Thank you for the update.