Questions on Sirius F9P Rover Magnetometer Options and Availability


I wish to order the Pixhawk 3 PRO ready RTK GNSS kit (F9P) but it says there are not enough products in stock.

When can we expect this to be available? I need it ASAP, along with multiple other rover modules.

The rover ( is available but only with the “no magnetometer” option, while the RM3100 option is sold out even though the standalone module is available ( Would there be no magnetometer at all? I don’t see an option for the LIS3MDL, is this already on there by default? Would the RM3100 replace this magnetometer? Does having either of the magnetometers affect the performance of the RTK itself, or just provides addition mag data to the pixhawk 3 autopilot? I’m worried about achieving RTK fixed if I don’t get the rm3100 mag. When will this be available with the rm3100 option? The RM3100s are in stock, could I order them separately and then install the rm3100 into the Sirius F9P rover?

Hello Patrick,

The F9P rover with the RM3100 mag sensor is indeed currently out of stock.

The mag sensor does not affect the RTK performances and you can definitely have RTK fixed solutions using the F9P rover without mag.

As you said, If you are in a hurry, I suggest you to order the one without mag sensors (No LIS3MDL either) and then attach an extra RM3100 high performance mag sensor.


May I know how can I attach an extra RM3100 ? Does it need to be connected directly with Pixhawk 3 ?

Yes it does.
I2C and SPI ports are available on the RM3100 as well as on the Pixhawk3Pro.

Simply connect both to each other using the proper protocol.