RC calibration with Pixhawk 3 pro and taranis Tx

I have a pixhawk 3 Pro. I am using a taranis Tx for calibration by using QGC and I am still having the same problem: “RC radio calibration, Detected 0 radio channels. To operate PX4, you need at least 5 channels” it would be necessary to use a PPM encoder? any help will be appreciated

You can use PPM and SBUS on the RC pin.

Hello both,

We are having exactly the same issue. Have a R3008SB Taranis RX. Green light. And works fine on a Cube on our smaller drone. But then we plug it into a Pixhawk 3 Pro on our bigger drone and … … … the same error message as above.

Drotek, is this and SBUS 2 compatibility issue I hear about elsewhere? Or something else? Don’t really want to have to use PPM adapter for an SBUS 2 device. Seems a waste and more thing to go wrong.

I know you can use X8R, X6R, L9R on the Pixhawk 3 Pro. What is the difference between SBUS and SBUS2?