RCTimer X5 400kv with 18x11 props

I am curious about building a Hex with six RCTimer X5 400KV motors and 18x11 props. I read before that these motors are only capable of up to 16" props. Does this limitation exist? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Thank you very much!
p.s. do you ship to Chile or Germany?


It is not recommended to exceed manufacturer’s advice, because what might happen is that the motor is not powerful enough to overcome propeller’s drag. In addition, motors with long propellers must rotate slower i.e. have a smaller kV so you should look at another motor if you still want to use these propellers. You could for example use T-Motor Antigravity 4004 motors with 17" propellers.

We do ship to Germany and Chile!

Hello Kevin,
thank you very much for your fast reply. Do you have a datasheet for these motors? All the information about the max. porp size i found is just from unreliable sources.
I’m not sure about the Antigravity, since they can only handle 330W?
We are trying to build a copter which covers a maximum range (for aerial mapping). It was planned to use the Tarot X6 frame.
Here would be a possible configuration, but I’m absolutely not sure which motors are capable of handling a such big propulsion and are lightweight at the same time. T-Motor MN 4120-400 are definitely too heavy (253gr each).
Maybe you have a recommendation for me? That would be great!

Thank you very much!



Have a look at T-Motor’s website, you will find all the datasheets and all the information you need. If you want a good range try to use low-kV motors with big props!