RM3100 Pixhawk cube problem


I am trying to connect the integrated RM3100 magnetometer from the Drotek Sirius F9P GPS to my pixhawk cube purple. I can find it in setup>compass but the calibration procedure doesn’t start. The GPS works fine and I have a 3d fix. I’ve tested many things such as disabling the other compases, changing the priority, reinstalling mission planner etc. but nothing seems to work. The calibration procedure doesn’t start at all, when i press the button nothing happens. I’ve calibrated the accelerometers with sucess in my pixhawk only the compass can’t be calibrated.

Drotek Sirius F9P with RM3100 Magnetometer connected to GPS2
Pixhawk cube purple Firmware: Arduplane 4.0.7 (Also tested Ardurover 4.1.0 dev)
Mission Planner: 1.3.74

Hi, exactly the same thing for me…


Same problem for me.
I just updated the F9P firmware wondering if that is an issue. I am now running ZED-F9P HPG 1.13 firmware with no change. I am using cube blue on a KORE carrier board and rewired both ends of the F9P rover cable to match the pinout of the GPS 1 port. I have full GPS data up to 23 sats indoors. If I log into U-center I can see the compass is active but it is very sporadic in its update rate. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I experienced this same thing. Take a look at your ground/speed when the aircraft is sitting still. If the ground/speed is fluctuating the compass cal will not start. I had the same issue a few weeks back. Come to find out the accels on the bottom of the F9P board were mounted very crooked so the aircraft always thought it was moving. Let it sit for like 10 minutes and the G/S got up to 600MPH. Swapped out the F9P to one with level accels issue solved. Might work for you too.

Hi there,

Thank you for your posts. Sincere apologies don’t have much expertise on mission planner.
In QGroundControl (QGC), it is possible to verify the RM3100 mag, via the MAVlink console with the help of a Pixhawk.
QGC >> Analyze >> MAVlink console >> rm3100 status
You may activate the rm3100 mag - ''rm3100 info >> rm3100 start -X (external) >> rm3100 status

You may also verify the pattern of the rm3100 via the MAVLink Inspector by choosing either:
SCALED_ IMU_xmag,ymag,zmag

I hope this helps.

Thank you and have a nice day.