RTCM Message to use RTK fix

Hi, I am Tom from Korea User of Drotek Neo-M8P Rover receiver.


Cause of I already have more pricise RTK tools (Trimble)

So, I can make Base RTCM Message from Trimble Base Receiver.

But, there little difference of message types.

NEO-M8P Base make MSM messages like 1077 …1087…

Trimble -> 1004, 1006, message.

… So if the rover receive that message(1004,6), can be fixed? RTK mode???

I already check the receive can decode the messages.

If you have idea of this topic, please send me email or reply to this topic please


If you look at u-blox documentation for M8P, you will see that the chip is capable of decoding the following messages :

NEO-M8P base is capable of generating 1005, 1074, 1077, 1084, 1087, 1124, 1127 and 1230.

So NEO-M8P rover should be capable of decoding 1004 and 1006 to get base station information. What messages does your Trimble station send for differential data?

Hi, I got interested in what you achieve here, I want to do something similar using the TINY RTK.
I have two questions that I hope you could answer:

What kind of trimble base station are you using?
How are you feeding the RTCM data to the NEO M8P? did you use a radio link?

Thanks in advance.

Any Trimble station capable of generating these messages should work. You can transport the RTCM data though any link (TCP, serial, USB, etc…) as long as it is finally fed to the RTK module via serial with the good baudrate.