RTK base F9P with radio telemetry

I recently acquired an RTK F9P, however, I am not able to use it via radio, only with a USB cable.
Could anyone tell me the reason for this? I’m using 2 Hollybro 915MHz radios.
Could someone tell me what baudrate I have to put on the 2 radios? The one on the base and the one on the device, please?
Thank you very much.

I’m currently using these 2 settings, 1 for each radio, (base and handset).

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You can follow our gitbook documentation via the link to configure the telemetry kit: https://drotek.gitbook.io/rtk-f9p-positioning-solutions/how-to-get-started/telemetry-integration

You must ensure the baudrate, net ID, airspeed are the same on both the telemetry kit configuration so that the radio telemetries can be paired. You could use the 57600 bps baudrate.
Also, you must ensure the 915MHz radios are functional in you region.

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