RTK configuration

Hi, I’ve a XXL and a XL rtk units and would like to configure the rover to output NMEA messages (via serial port) to be fed into a microcontroller, mainly for altitude detection.
What configurations should I use in both rover and base?
I’ll use a high power serial wireless transceiver. What baud rate should it be configured to?
Are RX pins 5v tolerant?
Are there any tips to increase the altitude precision (other than a big ground plane)?
Should the XL switch be in the “rover” position?


For the rover you only need to configure the baudrate, make sure you use the same one between the receiver and your radio system. You can also play with the Dynamic Filter in NAV5 to adapt it to your dynamics. The base needs to be configured according to documentation to send RTCM messages. The better the signal, the better positioning solution you will get.