RTK doesn't work

Dear staff of Drotek,

Our company was bought Tiny RTK (base and rover) with gps. In information RTK was supposed to be plug and play but it isn’t.

I tried to set up the Tiny RTK with Pixhawk using Mission Planner and GCS. But I still can NOT succeed to get the sub-meter level accuracy. The Mission Planner only shows “3D GPS Fixed” and never shows the right one “dgps” or “RTK” even after I used the command “Inject GPS” in Mission Planner.

Please tell me the right connection between the ROVER RTK GPS and my Pixhawk board, I insert the ROVER GPS telemetry cable into the “GPS” slot of Pixhawk(baud rate 38400).

My base is connected to PC via USB. Second Tiny RTK(rover) has soldered bridge and pixhawk telemetry is configured by Mavlink 2 protocol(baud rate 57600).

Please send me the ready to upload soft or configuration manual, because the manual what is in Your site is not good.

Hope to get your reply ASAP.

Thanks. Lukas

Dear Lukasz,

You should connect your Rover GPS to your Pixhawk’s GPS port through the Rover port. The bridge must be soldered on your rover. You do not need to configure anything manually, your autopilot will do it for you.

Then you should connect your base to Mission Planner with USB, no need to solder the bridge. Again, no need to configure the GPS, the program will do it for you.

Did you make sure to update both Mission Planner and your Pixhawk’s firmware?

Dear Kevin,

I was connected Rover Tiny through the Rover port to Pixhawk’s GPS and bridge has soldered. I write that in previous e-mail. I Updated my Pixhawk’s firmware and MP.
And doesn’t work…

What firmware are you using with Pixhawk ?

This setup is currently used by many many users around the world and has proven to work very well. Please provide as much details as possible if you want us to help you debugging the situation.

OK its run :slight_smile: Thank you for your interest.