RTK Link stops working


I have been trying to setup a RTK system with the BASE RTK, a RTK XL and a kit telemetry. I can get things to work where the RTK led on the XL lights solid RED. However after a short time the RTK LED switches off and never comes back on unless I unplug the telemetry board at the BASE side. Is this normal ? Any ideas ?


Update if I put the base station output to RTCM only I get a link however the RED LED is not solid but blinks. Also I only have fix mode 3D/DGNSS and not 3D float or FIX.
Any ideas ?


The meaning of red LED is :

  • off : no differential data received (this could be because both radios are out of range)
  • blinking : differential data is received, solution is float (RTK with intermediate precision)
  • solid : differential data received, solution is fix (RTK with maximum precision)

Can you describe the telemetry LEDs when RTK red LED goes off?