RTK_LOGs wit ucenter f9p

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Just want to know i am geeting rtk fix used u center ntrip client from my regional cors connected to there network .so i have only rover i want to log my correction which i geeting from cors base .In short how can i log my rtk correction in my rover when it get correction from their base

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For raw data recording, you may have to activate some messages to obtain ubx data.

Please do the following actions:

Menu “View” → Configuration View → MSG (Messages): select Message “02-10 RXM-RAWX”, check USB. Then click on the “Send” button at the bottom left of the Configuration
Menu “View” → Configuration View → MSG (Messages): select Message “02-11 RXM-SFRBX”, and check USB. Then click on the “Send” button at the bottom left of the Configuration
Menu “View” → Configuration View → CFG (Configuration): Save to current configuration. Then click on the “Send” button at the bottom left of the Messages window.

You can also enable messages via the u-center such as ‘‘Output upon processing of an RTCM input message’’:
View > Configuration View Ctrl +F9 > MSG (Messages) > NAV-RTCM
Also, check on NAV-SAT and NAV-SIG.

Then, select the record button on the main window.

I hope this helps.

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Hi anthony,
Cheers for helping man. Scenario is i made NTRIP connection with ucenter client to cors of my regional (India) now that want logs in northing easting of ntrip means that want to log lat/long or E/N that base of cors sending correction to my Rover (drotek f9p) that logs how can i log this data.end result is .ubx only how t convert and get lat long and in RTK i think RAWX got disabled automatically am i right?.Correct me if am wrong just that

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Hi anthony,
Did you mean UBX-RXM-RTCM because i cant find UBX-NAV-RTCM in my f9p i DID find UBX-SAT,SIG

Hi Aishwary_Seth,

You’re welcome.
Yes, I meant to say 02-32 RXM-RTCM to enable the RTCM input message on the Rover. You can check the messages in real-time on u-center.
View > Message View > UBX > RXM (Receiver Manager) > RTCM
Maybe, you could check with 01-07 NAV-PVT for the Position data.

I am sorry I haven’t tested your setup yet. I don’t know a direct method to find the Ntrip base cors correction data at the rover.


For testing this in local medium we need to get this On both rover and base ?? or only in rover or only base

Do i need to enable this on both toy(rover & Base)

Hi Aishwary_Seth,

Enable at the rover end only to view the input RTCM status, coming in from the Base station.

Thanks for all my broda,
Last question am having is how can i measure my ellipsodial height of my location i searched but didnt find any thing please let me know any site

You’re welcome. I think you could check with the statistic view for ‘‘ALT (HAE) - Position LTP Altitude (above ellipsoid)’’ or the following messages:

High Precision Geodetic Position Solution → UBX-NAV-HPPOSLLH
Geodetic Position Solution → UBX-NAV-POSLLH

You can enable these messages to output via:
u-center > View > Configuration View Ctrl + F9 > MSG (Messages) > 01-02 NAV-POSLLH / 01-14 NAV-HPPOSLLH

Feel free to post your questions, I will assist to the best I can. : )

so LIKE IF I HAVE O SET BASE IN STATIC MODE I HAVE TO ADD MSL+HEIGHT OF POLE(TRIPOD)+CENTER HEIGHT OF ANTENNA .THATS ALL FOR EXAMPLE 48(MSL)+LEGNT OF POLE (1.3)+CENTER HEIGHT IF ANTENNA(0.4)=48+1.3+0.4=49.7 IN ALTITUDE to set in this ALT in ucenter i think this ult given in ucenter tmod3 is ellipsodial that why i asked and i not touching accuracy is it ok or i have to enter some thing in it